Our population wheat (free seed), called "red", winter crop (from November to July). It succeeds the corn, once this one has been cleaned by the geese or chickens sent to graze in it.

We grow it on about 5ha. It grows with vetch (photo below) green manure that helps it to grow collectively.

It is used to feed the animals, geese, turkeys, chickens (food supplement) but also and especially to make bread flour. The straw, very important in our autarkic system, will be used to mulch the market gardener, to cover the soil of the wheat field so that it decomposes and to feed, in summer or winter according to the situation, the Landes or Miguel sheep.

Once collected, the geese and chickens will finish cleaning up again and green manures (oats or rye, field beans or peas, clovers, phacelia, mustard, vetches) will be thrown in.