Corn population

Our population corn, cereal cultivated in summer on 9ha approximately to feed our animals (hens, geese, pigs, turkeys, etc.) alternating with our red wheat which is the winter cereal followed by green manures.

We manufacture and select our corn seed that we cultivate on a field of about 1 ha inside the farm and at more than 300m from the industrial fields to avoid that our seed is hybridized. We harvest it late (Nov/Dec) to make it suffer and recover only that which resists the diseases, the wind, the heat. These recovered corn will be dried naturally in the barn, then reseeded on 9ha, the year after. We are at the 9th generation and our corn population is more and more resistant, requires very little water (we don't water or maximum 3 times during the summer) and resists to the competition of the so-called "weeds" which are not at all a problem for it.

It is dried naturally in a "crip" in the open air. We produce between 20/30 tons per year and make yields, without chemistry and without chemical weeding between 7 and 10 tons/ha, with a minimum of watering. In general, the corn is sown, just after green manures (clovers, oats or forest rye, vetches, weights or broad beans, phacelia and mustard) on the straw of the wheat left on the ground. The green manures are mowed in the spring and eaten by the Landes sheep that come to graze the field, clean it and fertilize it.

It is possible and it works!