7th show of the Rockfarmers Radio show, entitled ROCKFARMERS, simply about the genesis of the album ROCKFARMERS.

With the why of the how of the postponement of the arenas of this summer to next year, the usual column Micron, Jeannot de Vic and Rosy: "1 year = 4 months", the great Jean Barrère "THE" Gascon.But also the tours of 2013 in the US with Suicidal Tendencies, Tour in Colombia in 2014, Tour Asia 2014- Fuji rock Japan, Pentaport South Korea, Taiwan -the meeting with Lemmy Kilmester in Czech Republic, the meeting with the great journalist JD Beauvallet and his decisive article and the concert at the Eurockeennes of 2016.

On the music side with La Cazérienne, Duke Ellington/John Coltrane/Coleman Hawkins, the Black keys, the Mexicans of Molotov, the Quebecers of Arseniq 33, Damon Albarn, Albert Collins, The Dynamites Feat. Charles Walker and Dead Weather and... Slipknot.

Laurent & Mathieu - TIC - Lou Casse farm.


1- La Cazerienne "Harmonie de St Justin with Jean Barrère
2- Duke Ellington/John Coltrane/Coleman Hawkings "Take the Coltrane
3- Black Keys" Going down south
4- Molotov
5- Arseniq 33 "L'as de Pique
6- Damon Albarn "Hostiles
7- Albert Collins "Too tired
8- The Dynamites Feat Charles Walker "Do the right thing
9- The Dead Weather "Blue Blood Blues".