FTBP Records

F.the bass player Records is the name of our label on which we released each of our 9 albums. Always the desire to do things by ourselves and above all to be independent by self-financing, creating wealth by ourselves, where we are, with what we have. In the past, we have released and worked on the albums of Sharon Jones & the Dapkings, the bands of Daptone records, Fishbone etc...

The same 3 people Laurent, Nathalie and Mathieu work on the label as on the farm. It is a global approach.

It is also our management structure. We manage our own E-shop (preparation and sending of the orders by Nathalie), it is besides often Nath that you have in the telephone for a mislaid order.

Today more than 20 press officers in 20 countries work for the label and the group, all close friends who share the same values of local universality. We thank them for their work on the group for years. It's a self-produced and globalized label, financed locally, it took us more than 15 years to build it and we are still building it! It starts from St Pierre du Mont, in the house of grandpa Maurice Lacrouts, 25 years ago...

Miguel is the general manager of the label... as well as of the farm and the manager of the group.

Adishats - Miguel