Market gardener

We grow our vegetables for our consumption but also for our friends on a market garden of about 1 ha in Agro-ecology.

We rotate our crops in leaf / fruit / root / fallow & green manure squares and also grow our vegetables in "permaculture" style associations.

The mulching is done with wheat straw from our fields. There are also 2 greenhouses, for sowing and for winter crops. The seeds are all free and often come from our great grandparents. The breeding geese, which are free in the farm, reside there permanently. Each square has a fruit tree planted in the center (peach, apple, pear, fig). The teenagers of Mont-de-Marsan have been coming every Thursday morning for 8 years to help us. The vegetables are eaten fresh but also transformed at the end of September for winter consumption (piperades, sterilization of vegetables, etc.)

The fertilization comes from a compost specially dedicated to the market gardener, with only products from the farm (as in the large fields). Vegetable remains, ashes from the stove (from wood from the farm's forest), oak or chestnut leaves collected on the paths, unfertilized white goose eggs, straw and dejecta from the farm's geese/sheep/turkey chickens). This compost has been spread for the past 10 years in each square in addition to the green manure. The geese take care of the maintenance between each square, in addition to fertilizing them through the compost.